Monday, April 7, 2014

Please excuse the construction of my blog.  I have given up selling my Avon as I actually took up a hobby of making candles! My blog is changing from Avon to Soy Candles!  YAY!! As I was making the candles, each one became better and better.  People started asking me if I would make candles for them and the first thing you know???  The candles started selling!  :)  I love doing them.  They are 100% soy with lead free wicks.  The only paraffin wax that may be added, is a few small embellishments if it is decorated.  Example:  A lot of my customers like "blueberry cobbler" (it smells scrumptious) Depending on the scent,since my candles are made with no coloring dye, sometimes the little fruits really add to the candle, like little blueberries. Please take a look at my website so you can enjoy looking at some of the creations that have been created by me.  I take a lot of pride in what I do and each candle is made to order.  I hope you enjoy and I hope you will follow me as you did with my Avon.  Happy looking!  Website listed below:

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